Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yeah, but dogs - - from space!

The new issue of Doctor Who's Magazine has just arrived, full of fantastic stuff. It also makes mention of a few things I have been involved in.

The Judgement of Isskar – my Doctor Who audio play out in January – guest stars Raquel Cassidy (Jack Dee's wife in Lead Balloon) as the Lady Mesca. The plays that follow mine in the Key 2 Time are by my chums Jonathan and Peter, and feature David Troughton and Lalla Ward.

Also out in January is my The Prisoner's Dilemma, and there's a picture my ugly mug on page 44, lurking behind some beautiful people. Davy's feature includes some sage wisdom of mine on the two Companion Chronicles I've written.

(Incidentally, Davy's website includes an exclusive interview with Rona Munro, which includes him asking about the slow-mo lesbo pussy-cat chase (1.57 into this excerpt) in her Doctor Who story, Survival. Yes, I was one of the "three straight men" who wanted him to ask about the subtext.)

Vanessa Bishop seems generally pleased with the audio version of The Pirate Loop, feeling Freema Agyeman is on good form chatting badgers up at the bar.

And it's also announced that I'm writing another Doctor Who novel featuring David Tennant's tenth Doctor. The Slitheen Excursion is out next spring.

Me on a Slitheen excursion


Anonymous said...

Look how tall that thing is in the exhibition!

And the Slitheen behind it is even taller!

Le Mc said...

How many times must I say: How cool are you?

0tralala said...

I have a lot of empathy with the tall, pot-bellied, silly, farting Slitheen. They are just misunderstood.

I am 12% cool at the moment, but rates can go down as well as up.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ta for the shout-out (I've been away!). Suddenly people have actually read it!

D x

0tralala said...

A pleasure. Been meaning to mention it for epochs.