Thursday, August 07, 2008

Colour supplement

A couple of people have emailed to say they found this 'ere blog difficult to read, and blamed the colour scheme rather than my wittering. It's been a while since I last mucked about with the look of this thing, so I have had a tinker.

Fear not, I might tinker more.

My copies of the audio version of the Pirate Loop have arrived and I'm delighted with it. There's a review of it by Richard McGinlay on Sci-fi-online, and I agree with him that the pirate-space badgers and Mrs Wingsworth are "brilliantly conveyed by reader Freema Agyeman".

McGinlay also says that the audio book is aimed at younger readers. The same assertion is made by Joe Ford in his review of the paper version, in what's generally a favourable review.
"I do get the strange impression that Simon Guerrier (a dead cert for quality after all the grand work he has done with the Bernice series over at Big Finish) wishes he could make this darker and more horrific, but he does a good job of that even with the playful atmosphere he has to maintain so as not to upset the kids too much."
Um, I really didn't wish anything of the sort. The idea was to do something very different from my last one, something gleeful and not bleak. If anything, my bosses had to stop me getting too silly... Yes, there were originally even more stupid jokes and references.


Rob Stradling said...

Personally, I find white space very tiring on the eyes. How about grey?

Anonymous said...

the white is VERY bright.

Joe Ford's reviews are always fun. Every single time I read him trying to get inside the mind of someone and it just so happens I know what they were planning/thinking he gets it completely wrong.


0tralala said...

Now grey background, with the clicked-links a purple colour. How's that?

Joe generally seems happy with what I knock out. I suspect he's nine feet tall and has super powers.

Unknown said...

I liked it the way it was.

Le Mc said...

Black background with lighter text is always harder to read (as they taught us from design textbooks). Not sure I like the grey any better, though. My opinion doesn't count, but perhaps a peach-ish background with dark blue text? (Although you may find that somewhat girly.)

Anonymous said...

Not in love with the grey, I have to admit, but have no constructive comments to help!


0tralala said...

Jonathan: Well so did I, but it was giving people headaches. Which is a bit counter-productive.

Le and KB: I have meddled again. Am much happier with it now, but might tweak it a bit.

Anonymous said...

And I like it much better too.