Thursday, November 15, 2007

Searching questions

For your delight and entertainment, here are a few recent search terms that suffer people unto this blog.
  • Beowulf kit off
    Regretably, there is no nudey CGI Ray Winstone here.

  • Cabbage cleans
    David Essex explained this one; it's meant to clean the blood.

  • Coterminosity
    Nobody else knows what it means either.

  • Dawkins resurrection
    And on the third day, nothing happened.

  • Dirty rascals
    Modern poetry's not-quite rhyme with "king of the castle".

  • driver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operations, this driver may be at fault: CDR4_2k.sys
    This one crops up quite a lot, which suggests DivX didn't just have sexual congress with my computer. The tart.

  • Doctor for ladies
    Because you don't want to see the same man as your servants.

  • English term for la vendetta
    That would be, er, "vendetta".

  • Example of sentences with noun-verb-adverb-adjective
    Cats sleep quietly long.

  • Get angry with mother sex
    What, sex triggered by being cross with your mum? Or getting angry because your mum is having sex? Be more specific!

    I like how the capitals suggest sudden urgency. DAMMIT, THE WAR STARTS ANY MINUTE.


  • Mowgli beating
    Surely a euphemism.

  • Old Norse mead bench
    What distinguishes a bench as "Old Norse" and "mead". Is it to with how many tough Vikings can squeeze on it?

  • Popped gum abscess
    There's an image we all needed.

  • Short stories about the main characters discovering their identities because of the antagonist
    I'd recommend "Imposter" by the late Philip K Dick.

  • Valley of Jehosophat
    That bit of slatey Wales where Anthony Ainley hails the third Doctor.

  • We’ve got lions
    The clincher in Kenya's national anthem.

  • Why the Swiss army is rubbish
    The punchline to a foppish joke, no doubt mocking pen knives.

  • You touch my tra la la
    Is that a euphemism for a mowgli?

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