Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Doctor

Much excitement round at Nimbos’s last night as we ate pizza and watched Doctors Who. Delighted by the wealth of gags and continuity and it’s quite possible I might have squeed.

You can watch it and the making of at the BBC site for another six days. And also, obviously, then chip in some monies for the needy kids.

The Dr, my Dr, was entertained but felt less of an epiphany – though she’d not been feeling well all day. She expressed the opinion that it was fun but “one for the fans”. Hmm. There’s rather a lot of fans these days. 10.9 million viewers is more than one sixth of the whole population, and of a Friday evening some 45% of everyone watching telly was in our gang.

Also of much excitement was a delivery yesterday morning. Any post is proving to be something of an achievement these days, so the first batch of my author copies of Doctor Who and the Pirate Loop is particularly splendid. It will be available in all good bookshops from 27 December AND YOU WILL BUY IT.

My book, my beautiful REAL book

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo. Well done old chap. It looks really great and just in time for Christmass too.

The author is looking like a bit of a hippy thought. Honestly man, get a hair cut. Standards are slipping...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when I'll get to see it. :-( We're so behind with our DWMs here, I just got the one with SJS on the cover. And saw your book in there! Bravo!

Rob Stradling said...

It's vanishingly unlikely that I will buy it, I'm afraid. Just in case I do - where the best place to buy it from in order to get it in the hit parade?

And who is the evil Dzedln?

Anonymous said...

That last picture scares me a bit...