Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You too can kneel before Sutekh

The What's On page for UCL Museums and Collections has announced a date for your diary in May:

Date: Thursday 6 May 2010 | Time: Drop-in from 5 - 8pm
Location:The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Price: Free | Age group: Any

Time travel back to Ancient Egypt to see monsters and aliens pitted against the Egyptian Gods. From the Daleks, who visited the building of the Pyramids, to the Stargates which reach across space and time, the history of Egypt has been a rich source for science-fiction. Grab a free trail, written by Dr Who books author Simon Guerrier, on Egypt's use in sci-fi. explore the Petrie Museum and ‘Kneel before Sutekh.’ Drop in!"
I should add that I had help in the research from fellow sci-fi hack Scott Andrews and the clever academic John Johnston - seen in this YouTube video outing Sutekh as both gay and author of the first ever recorded chat-up line.

Incidentally, two years ago I introduced a screening of Pyramids of Mars.


Nimbos said...

That's probably polling-day, you know. Luckily I usually vote before work...

Alex Wilcock said...

That sounds way cool, but (as Nimbos suggests) I'm likely to be hideously busy that day.

Is it worth popping in to ask Sutekh to smite the Labservatives? Nah, they'll have his vote in the bag...

0tralala said...

Good grief, Mr Wilcock, did you just spam this blog with your yellow agenda?