Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some photos

Four images for your delight and excitement.

1. Bernice Summerfield toy

Bernice Summerfield toy

A fantastic surprise present from Monster Maker yesterday, a custom-made toy of Bernice Summerfield in the cat-suit she wears when drawn by the splendid Adrian Salmon.

Benny's creator, Paul Cornell, is also in receipt of a more old-skool Benny, as off the cover of the novel Love and War. Apparently, there is also a toy of her in Frontier in Space style shoulder pads.

2. Moo
My new business cards from Moo
Nimbos has been raving about the glories of online printer for some time, and I've envied his collection of prettily printed, prettily packaged cards and stickers. So, with permission from Red Scharlach for the use of her picture of Archibald the space-pirate badger, I have got some new business cards done. And they are a magnificence of beautiful, tactile coolitude. I want to hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

3. The Guardian

Doctor Who: The Guardian of the Solar System

You can now order my Doctor Who story The Guardian of the Solar System, out in July. And this is the magnificent artwork by Simon Holub.

4. Acrostic apostles

And the church down the road has new signage.


Brackers said...

I want a buisiness card.

This is all.

Anonymous said...

Yay, badger cards. I kind of want to see a badger card game, now. Preferably one that required people to say stuff like "I see your cocktail stick and raise you two pineapple chunks."