Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Value-added material (VAM)

Things that shouldn't be labelled "special features" on the back of a DVD:

interactive menu screens
How you spoil us with the ability to start and stop the DVD! And of course it's "interactive" - it's not a menu if you can't choose something from it.

chapter selection
Oooh! What next? You tantalise us with the prospect of a box and a sleeve and the shiny surface of the disc?

My Christmas DVDs, incidentally, were Alistair Cooke's America and Private Schultz, both of which I hope to blog about sometime. The Dr got the two-disc Princess Bride and Night of the Hunter.

And my previous DVD-buying methodology is the subject of Clemmo's despair.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear. "Interactive menus" has been a bugbear of mine for some time.

Admimttedly I need better bugbears.

Matthew Cochrane said...

I agree - also I get confused by those DVDs which have no menu at all and take you straight into the film. They make you actively seek out the menu button on your remote control in order to listen to a commentary or access the chapter selection.

Now I'm wishing I could remember an example of a DVD that does this.

IZP said...

I'll be doing Private Schulz soon in my Ken Campbell watchathon.
Have you seen The Counterfeiters? Impressive film drawing on the same story.

0tralala said...

I've a few like that, Matthew. DVDs free with newspapers often just start the movie, but have a basic menu screen if you click menu. I don't mind that; it's bragging about the menu as if that's a reason to buy the disc.

Yes, IZP, The Counterfeiters is superb. I saw it pretty much back to back with The Lives of Others, which I'd also highly recommend.