Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fountain of snot and knowledge

I've returned from Chicago with a cold, plus chocolates and Indiana Jones Lego for the Dr. She's also pleased I know the stink she likes after only four years of being hitched.

Snow outside my hotel windowThe convention was great fun but exhausting - a Doctor Who convention is one of the rare places where the rubbish filling my head can be useful. The food was huge, the snow was festive, and everyone was just lovely. Made a lot of new friends and got drunk with some old ones. The air-con made it feel like I'd sunburnt my face, and the heating meant I couldn't decide whether to where muppet-skin jumpers or tee-shirts.

Spent most of my time in the hotel itself, though we did escape to TGI Friday one night for enormous food and K. took me to Target. Both were just the far side of the hotel car park, so they hardly count. But hey, it was cold.

Oddly, the snow seemed to affect domestic flights more than it did international. There was much concern as the blizzard came down on Sunday, especially amongst those who had a million miles to drive.

They've got lionsOn Monday, a fantastic fellow called Dennis ferried us into town for a last look round the Art Institute of Chicago. How strange to see it covered in snow, the same yet so different from last time.

I'd last been there in June 2004, in the blistering heat of my honeymoon. Chicago was the one place we visited in our grand tour of family and friends that the Dr and I thought we might like to live. Again, I was impressed by the beauty and history and buzz of the place, still zinging from the election of their boy.

After the art we went for a long walk looking for something to eat. Had a last, gargantuan lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, then nabbed a taxi back to the car park and raced to the airport.

My plane home was on time until the last minute, when the cold killed the tug towing us from the gate. We eventually took off about an hour and a half late; hope everyone else got home okay.

I watched WALL-E (which might have been written by Russell T Davies), Iron Man (far, far better than I'd expected) and a really rather brilliant documentary called Young @ Heart. Also did plenty of writing.

Have spent the morning trudging through my email. Now have Codename Moose popping round to show me his homework and to watch something that counts as Research. Have pitched for something, been organising something else and am generally back in the thick of it like I was never away...


Tara O'Shea said...

It was good to see you. And I love that your brain is filled with strange and obscure facts. it makes it squishy.

And I am sad I never made it downtown for Cultural Experiences, but being ambulatory was about the best I could manage Monday, and alas, yesterday I had to work. Stupid mortgage. Stupid day job. Can't I just run the Green Room 365 days a year? *sigh*

Liz and Eoghann are gone now, and this is the first morning I've woke up to a completely empty flat. I'm trying to remember what it's like not to have a strange Scottish person making baby pterodactyl and/or Muppet noises from the spare room.

0tralala said...

Baby pterodactyl is a lot more fun than snoring.

Le Mc said...

You're very efficient with the e-mail!

Cold and drizzly night in Chicago's deep dish ...

Anonymous said...

Young @ Heart was the opening night film at the Philadelphia Film Festival earlier this year and they had a few of the cast members there. I enjoyed it, and I laughed a lot through the "I Want to be Sedated" bit. I also recommend it.


Allen said...

Love You a lot!!!