Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scenes of Bispham

Took a stroll with the Dr and the Baldrick-in-law to enjoy Blackpool's unprecedented glimpse of Orb.

Dr and Baldrick
The Dr and Baldrick-in-law. They are huddling together for warmth.

Sun! In Blackpool!
Sun! In Blackpool! Truly it is the end of days.

Embankment - walking the glorified drains.

Welcome part 1
Welcome part 1 - Tourists brave the pleasure beach at their own risk.

Welcome part 2
Welcome part 2 - Danger: pleasure.

Castellations: The impressive complex of defences around the Norbreck Castle. Probably to keep the Picts out.

BL099: More warnings of danger of fun DEATH.

S Club 7
S Club 7. No, wait, I mean Steps.

A wee slope
A wee slope, with toilets at the top.

Of fence
Of fence: We begin the long trawl back again.

Stoppage. The Dr and the Baldrick-in-law bask in the sunshine.

Tram pulled
Tram pulled. Funny-looking cycle lane. You can't see paraglider motoring above the beach; my phone couldn't pick him out against the sky.

Sunset. Just left of this, you'd see the tangled street furniture of trams and streetlights, and the Blackpool tower in amongst it. But my camera didn't like that.

Beware trams
Beware trams. I was too late to snap the tram heading for the Starr Gate - and, I assume, ancient/alien Egypt.


Anonymous said...

I've stayed in the Norbreck Castle. I managed to escape.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Bispham.

0tralala said...

Jim, I imagine you being rescued by Sir Lancelot. Played by John Cleese.

Gary, there's more of grave than of gravy about that place.

Le Mc said...

BLO99 almost spells blog ...