Thursday, December 08, 2005

"The way that our surroundings shape us"

"Written in stylised, clipped and concise prose, and from frequently shifting viewpoints, Guerrier gives his book a real sense of immediacy and reportage that distinguishes it from most Doctor Who novels. Guerrier performs a cool tightrope act between celebrating the Hartnell era and presenting something new. Oblique and occasionally eye-wateringly complex, The Time Travellers is a satisfying book."

Matt Michael, "Off the shelf",
Dr Who Magazine #364 (4 January 2006), p. 63

Which is nice, though I’d hoped the “eye-watering” was more about (spoilers) the snog on page 284.

Another recommended book (from an unusual source) I can tell you about tomorrow, when what got said is in the public domain. Ooh, mysterious.

The BBC linked to Will Howells’s blog, so if it’s good enough for them…

Speaking of blog, this one seems to have acquired a Livejournal-feeding wossname. Not sure who set it up, whether it works, or what it’s all about, really. Perhaps some kind soul could let me know.

And more baffling technology: my new pin and chip bankcard shows they’ve learnt the new address. Hooray! But I’m boggling at the Space Year expiry date. That’s not a year, it’s the future.

Right, that interview with Billie, and tea and wine and wife… I’m also going to take my tie off.


Liadnan said...

The feed happened because of me: sorry, should have mentioned it. Blogger automatically publishes a syndication of your stuff at (you can fiddle with your settings to make it a truncated feed of just the first paragraph or so I believe): livejournal then reads that and includes the results in

Where the Blogger account is set to truncated feed you end up clicking through to the original, which is probably the better way.

0tralala said...

Righto. How jolly clever.

Blogger doesn't seem to have a "friends" option, which would be useful. But otherwise it is cooler and more brilliant that your sucky LJ pish.

(Did that sound convincing? Apparently there's a turf war. So speaking to you is like something out of West Side Story or something.)