Saturday, December 10, 2005

Method writing

A load of new work has just come my way, so things are rather fraught. In fact, finding out that my booking for Monday is now cancelled is a huge relief.

Just having to get on with it, which is actually very satisfying. Wrote until half-two in the morning (though did spend some of the evening drinking port and watching the TARDIS crash). You can tell the Dr is away, being clever, can't you?

One thing I've done is break the back of the script editing, with notes on two Benny plays written up, and ready to go to the authors (subject to being cleared by my boss).

Also made notes on Joe Lidster's fab "Terror of the Darkness", for something else in the pipeline. On the off-chance it shows a valuable insight into my working methods, and on the basis it gives nowt else away, here's what I scribbled:
  • H down from York. Got lost on tube. This his first day.
  • C ignores him. Posh voice. "Cold-hearted cow," he thinks. Imagines shooting her.
  • Dr accosted by youths (London doesn't change).
  • C "recoiled slightly at the physical contact."
  • She's met (another) Dr before.
  • Colonel Coldheart. Code Blue.
  • Killing lovers - H - not helping them.
  • H a problem: "cocky and uncontrollable". Dr sees it as "impulsive and reckless and probably likes a drink or two ... sounds like he's the perfect U soldier".
  • He likes: "Pints. Pop Music. Football."
  • "Space vampire." (Another space vampire?)
  • Woman gets nails in his face and hits him with a poker.
  • "London survives another day, then."
  • C has a mobile, fancies a pint.
  • H smokes and has a "practised lady-killer grin."
  • "Straight back to HQ, I promise," and "But remember, boys, I'm in charge."
Are you illuminated? Will explain later...

Now off to town to have drinkies and nibbles with the Christmas crew. It is work, I tell you.


Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with space vampires???

0tralala said...

Space vampires are cool.