Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A morning of scawling, and I'm now at 2,216 words. Which is less than at this time yesterday. Hmm. Still, I think they are better words than before. I have to think that, or I'd go perculiar. More perculiar.

The boss also rang to tell me not to do the [censored until announcements made] bit, which has probably lost me another paragraph. At least I've come up with a word to use instead of endlessly repeating "the pain".

Speaking of which, my back hurts. Not sure if this is the monitor being too low, or the zen-like office stool I'm using, or having been to the gym twice in two days after a month's lapse.

This is, of course, but trifling inconvenience compared to the wife of one of the Xmas authors, who's just had a baby. Well, she had the baby yesterday but I've only just found out. Hooray and hooroo!

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