Monday, December 12, 2005

Things heard, written and drawn

A couple of correspondents beef that I don’t say much about music. This is probably because, when I do, my eclectic “taste” is much-mocked. For what it’s worth, I currently have on Bone Machine by the Pixies.

A day’s writing, and 2,243 words now sit where there was a blank page before. Quite pleased by the woman with a dog and her shopping.

Also managed some transcripting, and to listen to some things on the pile to be heard. After due consideration, think I’m better Dead than a Fan. Not a surprise.

Enjoyed Lizzie’s Afternoon Play, which is chock full of Who people. But did they really say “multitask” in 1587?

And, since the BBC is showing off it’s fantastic tumbling TARDIS, here’s something I did a while ago and never got round to finishing.

And, er, now can't even get into any more due to a crash and lost .FLAs. Gah.

The clever CGI stuff is by Simon Belcher, of course. He's the clever one.

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