Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Inexpensive fizz

Issue 15 of Vortex - the Big Finish magazine is now available online for free and includes me rabbiting on about how Graceless came about. There'll be plenty more on Graceless as we approach the release. Sorry.

Also, director Neil Gardner has a few things to say about the audiobook of The Slitheen Excursion. I listened to it for the first time yesterday and am very pleased. Though Neil seems to have missed that the book is a serious and gritty exercise in documentary realism, on the model of the Killing Fields.


Neil Gardner said...

Dear Simon

I only just read your note about my blog comments re: Slitheen Excursion. I am shamed at my lack of recognition of your expert and weighty references and offer to throw myself on my audiobook-editing sword!

Should Cosmo be played by John Malkovich in the big screen version?

N :-)

0tralala said...

Yes, with Bill Paterson as Deukalion.