Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ándale! Ándale! Arriba!

The gringo who so often harangues me for not updating this thing has started his very own blog. Keep up with his adventures as he explores the dark continent and its pretty girls. And pester him for new posts.

I’m going to be here sporadically until I jet off to LA in the small hours of 13 February. So much work stuff to deliver before I go, and just two weeks’ sand left to drool through the narrow bit of the timer.

“How the Doctor Changed my Life” is about four-fifths signed-off and done. The 25 first-time authors have been doing themselves proud with conscientious rewrites. Most have argued with at least some of my suggestions, though no one has done any shouting. It’s been a really good process all told, and well worth all the effort. Trying to fathom the running order, I’m delighted how strong a collection this will be. Hooray!

Cover to come sometime soonish, I think. Plus news of the book’s bonus features.

Meanwhile, Bernice Summerfield – The Wake is just out, ending my run on 15 consecutive Bennies. A few nice people have said nice things, though I was a bit surprised by two people who thought What Happens to Doggles just comes out of nowhere. I thought I’d nicely set this up in his dinner date with Benny, and earlier in The End of the World’s final scene. Ah well…

I’m also well into writing something that cannot be spoken of, have begun something else that cannot be spoken of, have three short scripts to write up for Codename Moose, a script about carrots to be written by August for John S Drew, and have bought the book about something else top secret which I can pitch for when I’m back from my holiday.

Well, I say holiday; the plan is to take with me my funky new laptop and break the back of the standalone novel I’ve been meaning to write for some years. Have scooped up plenty of useful details for this from some recent reading: coal fires, smoking compartments and something for headaches called venganin…

Spent the weekend at what m’colleague M has described rather well as “a two-day pub quiz”. On Saturday night I thought my all-out blaspheming had led to a strange hallucination. No, apparently, Matt Lucas was not an apparition and saw me and Nimbos "hilariously" breaking some rules… Not sure this is actually better than the thought that my brain had invented him.

Also learnt how to eat hot-cross buns quickly; stuffing them into your mouth leads to dried-out gagging. The trick is to tear off small pieces, which can be swallowed more quickly. You get this top tip for free.


Rob Stradling said...

Glad to hear that the 'lymp was a boner.

In other news, I have made good on my promise and purchased a shiny blue badgertome. I'm a coupla chaps in and enjoying myself heartily.

I'll come back shortly and tell you everything you did wrong; which should take a depressingly short time, you vermicious talent monster, you!

Anonymous said...

So who's going to run the next "2-day pub quiz" so I can actually make it to one some time this decade?!? Anyone know?


0tralala said...

Rob: next one is gonna be in your hood, so no excuses. And glad you're enjoying the book.

KB: next one is gonna be in Rob's hood. I shall send you details...

Anonymous said...

Gringo here.

You will be glad to know I have been keeping the British end up while collecting Italians...

Cucumber sandwedges and Earl grey tea in short supply but somehow managing to keep going.

Pip, pip


Anonymous said...

Just noticed your billing on the LA website - top job