Friday, September 15, 2006

The old bloke’s a porker

Today I held in my very hands The Centenarian – the newest Dr Who anthology of thrilling short stories.

Wodged within its great wealth of pages are a story of mine (I’ve written about “Incongruous Details” on the Centenarian blog) and a thrilling preview of Time Signature – the next Dr Who anthology of thrilling short stories, as edited by little me.

So that’s all a bit exciting.

Spent the afternoon going though an archive (i.e. two cardboard boxes full of CDs), gathering materials for a forthcoming thingie. As is the way with archives, I also found a few excitements I wasn’t exactly looking for. Pretty baubles! In one case, literally.

Also suggested an idea to the chief that may even happen into being. It is not merely a cockle-warmingly good idea but a cheap one too, so here’s hoping.

I have also deleted quite a lot of words about an education programme, done the washing up and discussed current affairs in depth with the cat. He thinks the pope should have known better and that it’s not very Christian to say to people, “Your Mum’s rubbish”.

That is (if Shag’s memory serves him correctly) what John 14 refers to as “asking for a slap”.


Philip said...

the pope should have known better

Too true. Still, no-one ever said he was infallible.

Oh, hang on.

Rob Stradling said...

Hearty congratulations are in order to the the mighty Islamic Persecution Complex, for yet another study in immature overreaction that has achieved the mighty paradox of aligning me in sympathy with the Pope. The ****ing Pope, for ****'s sake.

Wronger than the Pope. That's impressive, guys...

jptnly, I say.