Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Most excellent canopy the air

It’s not guns that kill people, as the old proverb goes. It’s the pointy metal thumb in so much of a hurry that it will not stop for flesh.

Oh, and whoever it is pulling the trigger.

Proceeding logically from this, I endeavour to recall that my squawking fury is not caused by actual umbrellas. What follows is to save from murder the dim-witted dolts who will wield them:
  1. Umbrellas don’t actually work
    Umbrellas keep the rain off your face and shoulders. A coat with a hood will do this too, and in a much more personal and unobtrusive manner.

    Some people say umbrella’s are practical, especially the folding-up-titchy ones. But that’s true of anoraks you can fold up, too, which also have useful pockets. And they don’t fold inside out in the wind.

    As Lee Evans has observed, the stem of an umbrella dangles down from the middle of the canopy, which is where you’d ideally be standing.

  2. Umbrellas are bigger than you are
    Half the canopy goes unused on the far side of the stem (on a standard-sized brolly, not enough to share with someone else unless they stand directly in front of you). This is especially important to remember when somewhere densely populated – such as London or anywhere you’re not on your own.

    At least leave a bit more space around other people as you pass them. And remember that each corner of your canopy is tipped with a sharp little prong.

    People speak of it being unlucky to open an umbrella indoors, and this is not just superstition. Umbrellas are awkward and unwieldy and capable of doing much damage.

    If you should happen to plunge into someone else – by “if” of course I mean “when” – do try to remember you weren’t looking where you were going as your umbrella was obscuring your view. Assume the person you’ve just barged into has done their best to get round you.

    Unless, of course, they are blinded by a brolly of their own.

    Golfing umbrellas are especially entertaining. We shall leave “golf = evil” for another post.

  3. Umbrellas are not worked with the feet
    Amazing, I know, but it’s perfectly possible to lower an umbrella at the same time as moving your legs. You do not need to stop just inside doorways.

    This is good because otherwise people behind you spend more time getting wet. And considering the ways you will die.


Anonymous said...

You're quoting Lee Evans, therefore you've lost the argument.


Anonymous said...

I always thought there should be some law that stated only people above a certain height (say 5ft 10) should be allowed to carry a blasted brolly.

That way nearly everyone could avaoid being jabbed in the eye by freakishly small old ladies with F*** off huge golfing umbrellas!