Friday, September 08, 2006

The whole brevity thing

Rob complained last night that my posts here go on a bit long. I patiently explained that cutting stuff down is the difficult bit and usually something I’m paid for. Rambling is extravagant luxury.

“But I don’t read to the end,” he said.

I think I replied along the lines of this blog being for my own personal amusement. But I have a notebook for that and its good practice anyway, so shall attempt more frequent concisisity.


Rob Stradling said...

Great Scottishly Scottish Scott, you lanky loon - don't listen to me! Especially not when I'm pissed!


Alex Wilcock said...

Nah, carry on writing at length. There are enough vacuous soundbites in the world already: I like reading a reasoned argument or a steadily building anecdote, and I’m sure there are others who do. Well, one or two, anyway.

I even read to the end of your Berlin piece.