Friday, June 17, 2005

Long live the apple-bong!

Oh, the urban dictionary just get's better and better. A chum sends me this listing :
Chief Guerrieri of the Toke-a-lotta-weed Tribe
All hail Guerrieri, and long live the apple-bong!
Guessing it's not related to the wine, which the Doctor and I drank quite a lot of having booked our wedding. And when we took my folks out soon afterward. And when we had a big dinner, the night before the hitch itself. Ah, happy days...

Off to Italy tomorrow for a much-needed holiday. I shall not be looking at a computer for a whole five days. Hooray!

It'll all be old news by the time I get back, but see how nobly I have not got involved in discussions like the one Phil's been having. Happy to report that the Fear Forecasters were delighted with the thing.

And you know what? So was I.

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