Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dr Who is afraid?

A week to go, and I still have entirely no idea what Bad Wolf might be, though surely it's not what Popbitch thinks (highlight to read):
Dr Who fans are in a froth on the internet about a big twist in the series. Each episode has contained references to Bad Wolf - graffiti,posters etc which, they say, will turn out to be the name of a reality TV show that the Doctor, in Truman Show style, doesn't know he's been starring in all series.

Weirdest thing is that Popbitch is even bothered, as if Dr Who plots matter. You know, matter to normal, everyday folk and not just us social inadequates who drink too much. Just last week I manfully resisted leaping in to the following discussion, overheard somewhere I work:

  1. "Why was an American (Captain Jack) in London prior to Pearl Harbour?"
    (It was patiently explained that Jack is really from the 51st century, that he's a time agent, and that "his story keeps changing". Oh, and it's since been pointed out to me that "there were American volunteers prior to that".)
  2. "Was William Hartnell the one in black and white?"
    (General consensus: yes, but so was Jon Pertwee, who had a double-act with Brigadier Somebody).
  3. "Was William Hartnell the one my mate fancied?"
    (General consenus: probably. Peter Davison was too weak).

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