Thursday, June 16, 2005

An apprentice in knackerness

During recording of The Coup last summer, the Brigadier* asked about the derivation of my surname. It's French for 'warrior', but AIUI it's more specifically the hired-help a king might call in when facing some kind of barney. So it's the same sort of thing as a mercenary, or a ronin... or a freelancer.

My elder brother has just told me it means something else entirely in Irish slang.
[...] a Dublin knacker/scumbag/scanger!!
Usually a young person or even a kid i.e. an apprentice in knackerness!!! ;)
that little gurrier tried to rob my mobile!

Off to the press screening of Parting of the Ways tonight at BAFTA, and already jittering with excitement. The Doctor, aptly, is coming too. And admits she's might even be looking forward to it. Full report tomorrow.

[* Actually, of course, the Brig is now General Sir Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart. He asked about the knighthood, too, and what he'd done to deserve it. More than enough, I reckon.]

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