Friday, October 30, 2020

Santa Benny at the Bottom of the Sea

"Santa Benny at the Bottom of the Sea" is a new, festive science-fiction short story by me, to be featured in Bernice Summerfield: The Christmas Collection in December. The audiobook is narrated by Lisa Bowerman and the blurb goes like this:

An anthology of festive tales featuring Bernice Summerfield.

Christmas… Advent… Midwinter Festival… Spiriting… No matter what you call it on your home planet, this magical holiday at the end of the year, when the nights are dark, and the lights are sparkly, is the perfect time for telling stories...

And who doesn’t have a tale or two to tell about Christmas? Certainly not Benny.

Did she ever tell you about the time she had to escape from a herd of rampaging battle-armoured cyborg reindeer? Or the time she had to convince three tentacled young sea creatures that she was the real Santa? Or the time she nearly let an evil deity back into the world just in time for New Year…

These ten stories are collected from all across Benny’s eventful life, from St Oscar’s to the Braxiatel Collection, to Legion and even in the Unbound Universe...

The stories are:

  • Collector’s Item by Eddie Robson
  • Santa Benny at the Bottom of the Sea by Simon Guerrier
  • Tap by Mark Clapham
  • Glory to the Reborn King by Matthew Griffiths
  • Signifiers of the Verphidiae by Tim Gambrell
  • The Frosted Deer by Sophie Iles
  • Vistavision by Victoria Simpson
  • Wise Women by Q
  • Null Ziet by Scott Harrison
  • Bernice Summerfield and the Christmas Adventure by Xanna Eve Chown 

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