Monday, May 12, 2008

Kingdom come

More news from Big Finish: from July there's going to be another series of the Companion Chronicles. Each one is,
"a new Doctor Who story as told by one of the Doctor’s companions played by the actor who portrayed the role in the Classic Doctor Who TV series. Although essentially a talking book, each production includes dramatised sequences featuring a second actor and boasts sound-effects and an original music score ...

With release number five, we return to the First Doctor with a story told by his short-lived travelling companion, Sara Kingdom who originally joined the TARDIS crew for the epic length TV story, The Daleks’ Master Plan. As in the original TV series, Sara Kingdom will once again be played by Jean Marsh of Upstairs, Downstairs fame. The story, entitled Dream Home, has been written by Simon Guerrier."
Already the Internet is asking how Sara (pronounced "Sarah") can narrate something when she gets killed in the one story she's in. Bwah ha ha, etc.

But I learned a new top fact on Saturday (in the pub, celebrating the birthdays of R. and Jenny Who). Jonny Morris tells me that May Warden, the actress what played the aged-to-death Sara, is the oldest* person ever to have been in Doctor Who - I googled her now and she was born on 9 May, 1891.

If we'd known that on Saturday, we could have celebrated her birthday too.

* Well, all right, technically, she's the earliest-born person ever to have been in Doctor Who.


Le Mc said...

Congrats. And how need to coincide with the fact I've finally seen the surviving eps of Daleks Masterplan. And now I do have a crush on Steven ...

Le Mc said...

er, neat, not need.