Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Are you a builder. Are you from Brazil?"

A wrong number just called, insisting I spoke to her earlier today.

(This was itself a clue. The only person I've spoken to all day is the Dr, who was fretting about wine.)

I asked what number she'd meant to call, and could then explain the error. But she wasn't having any of that, and still asked the above.

In fact, she was so insistent that I thought perhaps I was.


Anonymous said...

International help and translation service from your man on the ground.

Are you builder? = Are you well built? (I hear you are well ´built´)

Are you from Brazil? = Do you want to see my Brazilian?

Things are just a little more forward here with a little less of the formal
small talk you might have been used to.

Here endith the lesson.


Unknown said...

Actually, I have some plastering that needs doing in my hall. If you could fit me in some time in the summer that would be nice.

Rob Stradling said...

Perhaps she was looking for one of those uncontacted tribes?

Le Mc said...

Someone kept calling last week speaking Spanish. No habla espanol, I said, I think you have the wrong number. Then he said, in a fruity South American accent, no, it's me, baby. Then I hung up. So at least THAT didn't happen to you.