Friday, April 18, 2008

Like a magic ninja

Doctor Who and the Defining Patterns

Hooray! I have as of this morning my copies of Defining Patterns, which have been sat in the Post Office awaiting my collection. It’s a thrilling looking book, with my story, “The Great Escapes” alongside some cracking stuff. There’s competition winner Michael Coen and the Big Finish debut of Ace creator Ian Briggs. What more could you possibly want?

Meanwhile, Sin Deniz has interviewed me for his regular blog on sci-fi writers.

And, perhaps most excitingly of all, you, yes you can buy photographs of me from as little as £3.99.

Scrolling down the list, there’s two of me, one of Peter Davison, one of Chas from Chas & Dave… But David Darlington can be had in no less than four exciting action poses.


Rob Stradling said...

I love that you're next to Jimmy Greaves!

Even better, the choice of two Gay Gym Davys, and two Garden Shed Davys!

How utterly auepnxe!

SK said...

And 'Ben Aaronbitch' too, apparantly.

Nimbos said...

Not to mention well-known slebrity "Paul Carnell"

Le Mc said...

Writing is something I have to do. It’s more of an affliction than a job.
Too right!

Anonymous said...

Davy doesn't have four exciting action poses. Believe me.

And how fabulous that the photo of David A McIntee is 'Unknown - can you help?'


Anonymous said...

That's four different photos of *the same* action pose, spread over about five years, I think you'll find.

I am fame personified.

D x