Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Johtaja lähtee eläkkeelle

The shiny new issue of Finnish sci-fi magazine Spin includes a translation of the interview what Leslie McMurtry did with me last year, plus a short story of mine never previously published. And one I'm really rather pleased with.

You have to buy the magazine to read it, and even then only if you can read Finnish. Which I don't; but how exciting to look as if I do.

As a tantalising wossname, the English translation of the story's title is - or should be - "The Case of the Retiring Magnate".

Also, the Blake's 7 people have issued a press release about the return of Michael Keating of Vila. And that includes mention of me writing a play about Blake's friend Jenna Stannis.


Le Mc said...

Go us!

Well, you, mostly.

I haven't gotten mine yet. Probably takes longer to get here from Finland.

Anonymous said...

didn't they have a Vila of their own, then?

I have actually heard these plays, and genuinely can't remember if they did or not.