Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pick of the penguin

Hooray! For the third time ever, I am in the letters page of Dr Who's Magazine.
Doctor Who has had pig people, cat people, rhinoceros people, butterfly people, bird people (and, ahem, badger people) but I think we should get some octopus people. Octopuses have three hearts, blue blood and can regenerate their limbs. So they are probably related to Time Lords anyway.
          Simon Guerrier, email."

Galaxy Forum, DWM #393 (2 April 2008), p. 17.


Le Mc said...

Hey, congrats.

Cameron Mason said...


BTW, my local ABC shop has nearly sold out of that novel you wrote about Space Badgers.

Only one copy left on the shelves.


Anonymous said...

I saw Carole Ann Ford do a DW lecture in Paisley once (the Tennant may also have been in the audience I believe) and she opened by reading a description of an octopus without telling the audience what she was talking about and making us think she was describing a Gallifreyan.


0tralala said...

Damn Susan. She must have read my letter and then gone back in time.