Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Man of mystery

Who wrote that, then?Hope your Christmi were as splendid as ours, brimming with red wine and roast goose.

In amongst the exciting haul of goodies from yesterday, the Dr has left me a condundrum. My Droo Stoyrbook 2007 is signed by a mysterious stranger.

Anyone any ideas on whose hasty handwriting this is?

Off shortly to see Night at the Museum (it's research so the good Dr says). Expect an answer by the time I fetch back.


Rob Stradling said...

Oh, come on; that's obviously "Dorka Nieradzik"!


Alex Wilcock said...

Merry Christmas! And how reassuring that there's not a special directory of Famous Who Authors Signatures so you can identify each other, like a funny handshake.

The good news, I have a very similar signature (less elongated, but probably the same chap) on my copy, and it was done in front of me... The bad news is, there are nine others thanks to a long queue at Forbidden Planet (account at poor neglected blog on http://alex-wilcock.livejournal.com/2551.html - please pardon umbrella), and half of them are just as illegible.

However, knowing who to choose from and eliminating several for having letters that must be the wrong shape by any sensible formation, my best guess is Steve Moffat.

Incidentally, if you had goose, I hope you drained the fat off; not because it's terribly fashionable, but because we had one last year and, though disappointed that it shrivelled away to skin, bone and a little sliver of very expensive meat, it filled two tubs of fat and we were cooking with them for the next six months. Woo hoo.

Anonymous said...

I did meant to check when I returned home from Chez Gez and forgot. I can confirm that it's Moffat's.

Anonymous said...

Is it "John Arse"?

Rob Stradling said...

That's Moff's scrawl? He clearly missed his true calling as a GP!

Actually, that's a disturbing image, isn't it?

"xeptcu" is a disturbing image too. A Romanian venereal disease?

Matthew Sweet said...

Are the words "merry christmas to my dear husband, with love from" written above it? If so that may be a clue...