Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Avon calling

Well what else would the headline be? My chums at B7Media have announced their thrill-packed new Blake’s 7 audio series, which has just finished being recorded.

At last it’s all done and public, having heard hushed bits about it for a while. Writers Ben, Marc and James have all scribbled for me in the last year and yet remained frustratingly discrete. Git monkeys.

Like you didn't know, it's a gruff bit of space opera about a gruff dude called Roj Blake - on TV a rare Welsh sci-fi hero. Framed for crimes he didn't commit by the Earth's nasty, dictatorial Federation, he teams up with a gang of ne'er-do-well rascals and runs off in a spaceship called "Liberator". Which is a clue to what he's intending...

I have vague memories from the end of the old-school version – that oft-repeated shot of Scorpio docking in its garage, a barely understood crush on Dayna, and Avon being glad to learn Servalan’s still alive because he wants to kill her himself.

Years later, about the same time my love of Dr Who proper burgeoned, my friend B. had the early run of Blake’s 7 videos, where a whole series was cropped down to 90 minutes. Cutting anything that wasn’t essential to the plot, these movies were simply amazing – fast and dark and twisty and (of most importance) violent.

They pretty much spoilt the series for me, because those full episodes I’ve seen seem so ponderous and dull. Just skip to the end, Mr Vila.

The new series promises zippy five-minute episodes, and the (re-)cast is monstrously exciting. Blake shall be played by Derek Riddell (of the Torchwood Estate – as opposed to Gareth Thomas of a Torchwood terrace), and James Bond’s Colin Salmon is Avon. Cor.

I’m trying to recall which of my chums had a peculiar thing for Daniela Nardini, who’ll be vamping it up as New Servalan. Was it you, Liadnan? Are you now very excited?


Liadnan said...

I'm moderately fond of Daniella Nardini, but I wou;dn't go further than that, so I'm not sure you are thinking of me.

0tralala said...

Ah. Perhaps it was Mr Brown. One of you bookish, clever sort, anyhoo.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I should be enthused by audio B7. I do WANT to be. I suppose it's an impressive last star-wise. But of the big names listed I only like Derek Ridell (fabulous in The Book Group with the likes of Desmond from Lost and yon bird in the wheelchair from the X Factor). Colin Salmon I just find dull. And I can't abide Daniela Nardini's acting. Or that of Craig Kelly for that matter.

I'd far rather have heard Gareth, Michael, Paul, Jacs, etc return to their roles. I'm quite disappointed that this is happening instead.

0tralala said...

And New Dr Who won't be canonical until McGann does a regeneration?


Anonymous said...

>And New Dr Who won't be canonical until McGann does a regeneration?

Couldn't give a stuff about ever seeing that to be honest. (And I'm not sure that's a valid extention of my point.)

And would handle the idea of audio DW with a new Doctor quite happily. I just find this a waste.

I'm fine with the new Sapphire and Steel but the original actors didn't want/weren't available to play the parts. The B7 crowd for the most part are available and have stated their interest in doing B7 audios. Which I'd have liked to hear. And now presumably won't.