Monday, November 13, 2006

My life at your command

I am back from sunny Stockton and a weekend of not much sleep. Saw some splendid people, made some nice new friends, and got to introduce Toby Hadoke to an appreciative Brigadier.

The Big Finish panel was nobly handled by Charlie Ross, and the exciting things we spoke of there will be announced to the nation soon. But this post's heading might well be a clue.

Back home to the spin-drying and a happy-to-see-me cat, and work and O. await. Currently listening to the final edit of "The Oracle of Delphi" and wondering why this blog has disappeared.

Is this thing on? Hello?


Drewshi said...

Wasn't on for most of the weekend, but I see you're back.

Hmmm, I think of two different things when I see that heading and one is giving me goosebumps just thinking about it, which probably means I'm wrong.

Scottie said...

It's the Time War, isn't it? :oP

Have to confirm that your Blog is indeed up and running again... And yay for Stockton and its exciting things... Just wish I'd been there, but that's mainly 'cos I wanted to meet Daphne...

How's Oracle sounding, by the way? Ed was saying very nice things about it, and I'm more than a little intrigued...

Anyhow, hope all's well and dandy with you... Cheerybye!