Friday, March 15, 2013

"Wizard" starring David Warner, a new film by the Guerrier brothers

Wizard is the fourth film by the amazing Guerrier brothers (i.e. me and the baby brother). It's been shortlisted in the Hat Trick / Bad Teeth "Short and Funnies" competition 2013, along with 10 other daft shorts. It would obviously been splendid if you watched it lots, liked it lots and sent it to lots of your friends.

Merlin - David Warner
Stephanie Woodhams - Lisa Bowerman
Paula Wright - Lisa Greenwood
Warren the Warlock - Adrian Mackinder
Luke Kiely - William Hughes
Narrator - Matthew Sweet

Assistant Director - Natasha Phelan
Visual Effects - Alex Mallinson
Sound Recordist - HÃ¥var Ellingsen
Sound Design - Matt Snowden
Mix and additional sound design - Matthew Cochrane
Colourist - Otto Burnham

Thank to Ben Woodhams

Written by Simon Guerrier
Executive Producer - Martin Kerem
Directed and Edited by Thomas Guerrier
Produced by Adrian Mackinder, Simon Guerrier and Thomas Guerrier
(c) Mackinder / Guerrier brothers 2013


Dean Shewring said...


I'm Dean from Canada and I really, really enjoyed your film, Wizard. As a SF fan and a recently retired postal worker, I found this depiction of how a call-centre workplace dehumanizes workers to be very imaginative, humourous and effective.

I've passed your link forward to the Canadian Labour International Film Festival. I hope they will contact you and request your film for this year's cross-country showings this autumn.

0tralala said...

Hello Dean

Delighted you like it, and thanks very much. I'd love a trip to Canada :)

Dean Shewring said...

Good try. I don't think your presence, unless virtual, would actually be required. It's not in the budget.

The CLiFF people liked your video, so I expect they will be in touch soon.

0tralala said...

Lovely, thank you!