Friday, July 01, 2011

The next wave

Those splendid fellows at Big Finish have announced two more Doctor Who plays by me.

The First Wave is out in November, starring Peter Purves, Tom Allen and the Vardans. The Anachronauts is out in January 2012, starring Peter Purves and Jean Marsh.


Mike said...

Fantastic -- just a couple of weeks ago, I was showing a couple of episodes to The Invasion of Time ("I thought you said the Sontarans were in this", "That's the guy who Leela falls in love with?") and wondered aloud if the Vardans ever made a return appearance beyond me using them in a FASA RPG campaign when I was in junior high. (Obviously, I'd never read No Future.)

0tralala said...

These are black-and-white, 60s Vardans so a bit more basic than they appeared in -

Oh, wait...

Piers said...


Contumacy Singh said...


I've been really enjoying your Sara Kingdom stories recently. Is the Anachronauts where we find out about the "little boy that died in [Sara's] arms"?

I love how each story has been lightly mentioned in the earlier stories, and I'm especially enjoying the ongoing story of the framing device of the House and Richard.

Bravo to you!


Chris Angelucci
Philadelphia, USA

0tralala said...

Hello Chris. Thanks for the kind words. The boy who died in Sara's arms is from an amazing short story by Eddie Robson, 'The Little Drummer Boy'. It was in one of the Short Trips books (sadly out of print), but was released last year I think as an audio reading to subscribers. It's a beautiful bit of work, and crucial to a lot of my thinking about what to do with Sara.

Can't say more about Anachronauts just yet. Wait and see :)

Contumacy Singh said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll look for it secondhand.

Chris Singley said...

That's wonderful. It's an under-represented era that you've done a great job of fleshing out.