Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet the meerkats!

Meet the space-pirate meerkatsI am thrilled - thrilled! - to see the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures (#108, 26 March 2009). The cover boasts my space-pirate meerkats!

(I first saw them in Sainsburys when I went to get more cat food; a rack of different mags all Jade Goody, and then, on the far left, one that was Not The Same.)

"Good Old Days" is my second strip for DWA. John Ross has worked wonders bringing my tortuously complex scripts into being. Hooray, too, to colourist Alan Craddock and letterer Paul Vyse. It's a huge tick on the list of childhood ambitions to be a proper, published writer of comics.

And also, the issue comes with a free time-watch and two glittering badges. Squee!


Anonymous said...

I've got my fingers crossed for space-pirate pangolins next time...

Stephen said...

Mr. Guerrier,

I've started writing reviews of Big Finish products for the Den of Geek website and thought you may be interested in what it makes of 'The Judgement of Isskar'.


If you fancied being interviewed for said website in relation to your Who work, then let me know and I'll try and arrange something.


Garrett Gilchrist said...

You think that cover for Doctor Who Adventures is busy enough?

Think they could have fit a little more on there?