Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today's itinerary: this evening = pub.

I have handed in Slitheen and all is well with the world. Got up late (the drilling next door didn't start until eleven today, hooray!), watched The Last Sontaran on iPlayer (hooray!), think I might now go to the gym to stretch myself back into shape... And then I might pay a cheque in and do the washing up and perhaps even find myself a copy of Russell's big book of writing.

But there is nothing especially urgent needing doing. There's still plenty to be written and sorted out, and my tax return waves a tentacle from its dark corner. But nothing as especially urgent as it's been the last few months. So I am taking a whole day off to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Oh. What happened to the summer?


Anonymous said...

Looking very groovy indeed. Especially liked the review for The Pirate Loop by "Bryn's Mum" although I fear inside favour. Pip, pip O

Anonymous said...

Well done on slipping in the Slitheen!

Will the story be expanding on what we know about the natives of Raxicoricofallapatorius? Will the Blathereen be in it? Should I just buy the book when it comes out and find out for myself?

0tralala said...

The last one :)