Monday, June 16, 2008

Paperback writer

Paperback Pirate LoopAn exciting surprise delivery this morning: a box-set of "Ten bestselling novels based on the TV series" - including my own badger-faced nonsense. Didn't even know they were doing these.

I have, of course, already rearranged the books into chronological order. Which makes mine the last in the set.

Poor Jim Swallow misses out on this paperback version, but I assume they can add him to a box-set of the nine books out this year.

ETA: The Book People are selling the box-set for £9.99. That's a quantum less than £1 per book. You'd be bogglingly foolish-like not to.


Anonymous said...

Oh fantastic, I've been waiting for them to do another set. They did one last year as well and they do take up much less space than the official releases.

Mark Deniz said...

I still haven't got my bloody copy yet!

Nice boxed set!

Le Mc said...

Add it to the list. Must decide whether I can fit your badger book into my suitcase as I return to the UK. Can only bring a finite # of books.