Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three books at once

I have been busy with badger-faced pirates and so not mucking around here. It also doesn't help that my computer is acting up.

Sometimes it doesn't start up properly, and you just get a waiting blue screen. Sometimes it does start up, and then the keyboard doesn't work. Sometimes it starts up, the keyboard works, and then the Internet doesn't do anything. Oh it connects, and it says it is doing something, but then nothing webwise loads up. Lost three and a half hours to that today, though I got some pirates written on a laptop. Arg.

Nimbos suggests it might be something to do with USB ports, since the keyboard and Internet both come in from them. So I have something to investigate the next time it falls over. Joy oh joy oh joy.

"Or could it be," I suggested, daring to imply that I have any idea, "that I'm still running Windows Millennium Edition?"

Nimbos considered carefully before explaining that I live in the Dark Ages. Have not let on that my keyboard comes with rubber keys.

Otherwise things progress. Spent an hour at Deej's taking pictures of his books and rummaging through his magazines. This will greatly help Alex as he zips along in finishing the Inside Story of Benny.

Speaking of which, I had a fun leaving do on Sunday to mark the end of my regime (though I've still two books and two audios to deliver, as well as the ones being pressed and published now). Somehow, completely accidentally, I managed to drink some beer.

Well, not exactly "some". Text message to the Dr from 01.22 says:
"I love you. Sorry. But you are quite good. Phwoar."
Ho hum.

But she is quite good, and today has word that her book is going to be published. More news on that as and when it is appropriate, but we have reason for opening fizz. Just think, both of us will now be tearing out hair out and swearing, rather than just me.


Anonymous said...

Computers - nothing but work of the devil. Mark my words these "computers" and new fangled "internet" just won't last, nothing more than a passing fad. Give it 6 months and it will be just like space hoppers and betamax.
Beer... mmm. Good on Dr post text ramble. Not quite Wild but still.
Congratz with book stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and the last blog comment thing "it was me..." (as said in a Queenie, Blackadder kind of way)

pip, pip O

Anonymous said...

Oh, lots of things to celebrate! We shall have to open more fizz next time I visit!


Nimbos said...

You both always did the swearing - it'll just make a change not to be at each other ;-)

Great news on the bookage.

Oh and remind me to tell you thing thing about keyboards I was going to last night...