Monday, February 05, 2007

Mashed bandage

Yesterday was good but long, and I got home in time to fall asleep over pizza. Mmm.

Finished off some things today which is rather satisfying, but have lots that still requires attendance. Also had a message from someone lovely I used to work with, who may have some more stuff to throw me.

And while all this goes on, the backside of my mind crashes pop bands together for hilario-comedic effect:

Ned's Atomic Kitten
Beastie Boyzone
Marvin Gaye Dad
The Chemical Brotherhood of Man
The Barry White Stripes


Rob Stradling said...

Orchestral Manouvers In The Darkness

Diana Ross & The Soup Dragons

The Fleetwood Macc Lads

Oasister Sledge

Indigo Girls Aloud

808 Status Quo


Nimbos said...

Mine from last night that I can remember:

Stevie Wonderstuff
Amy Winehousemartins

0tralala said...

Mozart of Noise

Anonymous said...

Fun Boy Three Degrees

Boy George Michael Jackson Browne


Anonymous said...

Vince Neil Young MC 900 Foot Jesus Jones (or Jesus Lizard, take your pick)

0tralala said...

E.L. Oasis
Midge Europe
Moby Gees