Sunday, January 07, 2007

I made this

Dr Who Money from the BBC Dr Who websiteThings you can do with your Doctor Who Money, as made available at the fun-packed official website of official fun-packed Dr Who:

Happy Phil Collinson :)
Happy Phil Collinson

Sad Phil Collinson :(
Sad Phil Collinson

(Sorry about the rubbish photos. Am getting a new phone soon.)


Nimbos said...

And there was me thinking you had tons on :-p

Anonymous said...

You were in a very silly mood, weren't you? :-)

Anonymous said...

Um. Happy Phil Collinson or happy Simon Guerrier? I genuinely thought you'd posted it because it looked like you!

Philip said...

Oh, it's Phil Collinson. I was assuming it was meant to look like Eccleston, and wondering why it so obviously didn't.