Friday, August 04, 2006

End of the road

The littlest brother is reaching the last few metres of his mammoth trek across Oz and finds himself on page 3 of today’s Telegraph. The reactionary sell-out.

Have dutifully bought him a copy while out handing matters of import to the Post Office.

Tom’s been out there since February, which means his mega-epic has lasted about as long as Judge Dredd’s, though without the flying surfboards or evil clones of himself camped inside Uluru. I hope.

Word is he’ll be back in the next few weeks. Which is good as we need someone to babysit the cat.

Today, not being wanted for my cut-and-paste genius, I have written a letter for another brother, posted some things, chased some others, rewritten the beginning of something (or rather, begun to rewrite something) and eaten some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Off now to a leaving do for someone who isn't entirely leaving. The liberty. But curry is included so hooray.


Anonymous said...

Well the completion of the trek made the evening news here in Australia; having missed two earlier news bulletins I finally caught the story while waiting for some program about Madame de Pompadour...

0tralala said...


BBC news have picked up on the story, too, with video clips and even a link to the story in the China Post.

It's a long way from his days anging about in a Benny...

Anonymous said...

It also got a very small (one paragraph) write up in two of the Sunday papers over here as well.