Monday, July 10, 2006

Quite right too

K.'s 39th birthday (you can trust me on this) went smashingly on Saturday, in a lovely little pub by Euston with a DJ and dancing and lots of talking rubbish.

Dr Ware's verdict on Dr WhoK. had also organised big-screen Doomsday, punters assembled before a projector screen as if it were a new kind of England game. The sound popped and pixellated every now and again, but otherwise we were dumbstruck. Cor, that was a bit bloody good wasn't it? See right for one quarter of the verdict from the Time Team.

Some things do trouble me. Couldn't some Cybermen have held on to something? And anyway, Tracy-Ann Cyberman hadn't jumped between dimensions, so wouldn't be all sticky with void stuff. (I suppose, though, that she was built from spare parts that had been).

Like Charlie Brooker's not-a-review, this is not to criticise but borne out of love. Perhaps it's just the freelance hack in me looking for ways to cash in with merchandise, but I thought, "Ooh, there's another story there..."

I'd also come up with a completely different reason for how the Daleks came back: we see in Bad Wolf that their teleport-wossname leaves behind dust (so that Dr Who thinks Rose got disintegrated). And when Captain Jack wakes up again in Parting of the Ways, all that's left of his executors is the same sort of suspicious white powder...

But anyway, can't wait for Christmas.

Speaking of things in newspapers, the brother's wild adventure has made it into today's TimesPosted by Picasa


Keith Ramsey said...

Speaking as a comparative amateur in Who-related matters, I haven't been able to work out why the Doctor was allowed to work for UNIT in the 1970s when Torchwood has been out to get him since the nineteenth century. Or did I miss something glaringly obvious?

0tralala said...

I don't know.

Hmm... Some possibilities:

UNIT and Torchwood are separate institutions, and since UNIT answers to the UN I don't see why Torchwood would have any jurisdiction over them.

Or, UNIT argued (while led by the Brigadier) that the Doctor was helping them defend the UK, and Torchwood couldn't argue with that.

Torchwood's power and influence has grown since the Doctor stopped being UNIT's scientific adviser - in the 1980s. They can treat the Doctor differently now (they think) they don't need him.

Or something.