Monday, April 24, 2006

Grow up, 007

While looking for something else entirely, I discovered that there's going to be a snazzy new run of James Bond DVDs. And Sir Roj has done commentaries for all of his ones. Coo.

My top 10 favourite silly things James Bond does in the movies:
  1. Woos a lady by cooking a quiche
  2. Slags off the Beatles
  3. Dresses up as a crocodile
  4. Does a huge Tarzan yell, while trying to escape men with guns hunting him
  5. Dresses up as a fish
  6. Does a Barbara Woodhouse impression
  7. Dresses up as a clown
  8. Knows the "James Bond theme" when he hears it
  9. Dresses up as a duck
  10. Is best mates with Osama Bin Laden
This is obviously not including all the silly stuff in the one with Woody Allen or the one with Mr Bean (where Bond plays bagpipes in Heaven, and fails to notice he's already done his mission years before). And five of the above are from the same film.

More spies tomorrow, if you're lucky.


Anonymous said...

You missed

11: 'Fail to get a lift from Gary Russell'

Millennium Dome said...

Ohh ohh, I love JAMES BOND!!!

You know he REALLY cooks a spanish omlette, or maybe just scrambled eggs; he only SAYS its a quiche.

I think Mr Roger is joking. I must check my DVD and see if his EYEBROW moves!

0tralala said...

I love James Bond too, and was watching the Moonraker with my cat last night. Cat like the doggies hunting the girl through the trees best.

Roj calls the tea he makes "an omelette" - but it has pastry sides, I'm sure. Which a) makes it a quiche, and b) means James Bond can make pastry.

Millennium Dome said...

oo - I think maybe you're right and I'm remembering it the WRONG WAY AROUND!

Will have to overpower Daddy Alex and stop him editing Totally Doctor Who...

Anonymous said...

All very well observed silly 007 moments. I would venture to add:

a) Speaks to Margaret Thatcher (oh, alright, Janet Brown);

b) Mentions the fact he is an actor who had just replaced his predecessor;

c) Plays the Close Encounters theme on a keypad (after hearing villainous scientist do same);

d) Asks if someone is calling him a "Horse's arse";

e) Has an invisible car (move over, Harry Potter);

f) Shags bird while the Queen (and the US President) watch on TV;

g) Makes a pigeon do a double take;

h) Tosses a fish out of his submarine car even though there could be no way for the fish to enter said vehicle;

i) Doesn't know how to disarm a nuclear bomb/warhead one minute, then does, then doesn't;

j) Is offered a delicatessen in stainless steel by Blofeld in return for the villain's life!

Although none of these measure up to Simon's original "Slags off the Beatles". That was a truly awful moment of Bondage...