Sunday, April 09, 2006

Memes don't work

There's a comic strip I remember from years ago, a typical one-off with a twist. A bloke explains how he's been cursed for years (with nightmares about snakes eating him, I think), and it's all because he was told a story.

Telling the story passes the curse on, and whoever hears it takes on the curse. The bloke points out the small native boy he's just told the story to. But aaaaah!, he explains, the native boy is deaf.

This 'ere blog - and my notebooks - serve a similar purpose, letting me get shot of the stupider-arse rubbish clogging my head worse than ear wax. (Updates on ear wax soon; been to A&E who didn't have the right machines but prescribed olive oil...)

Anyway. This has been tinkering through my head for the last few days, as unshakeable as the Muppets' "Mahna Mahna":
"Our kestrel-man hoovering the duck."
Hopefully now I can be free. Don't have nightmares.


Andrew Tibbs said...

Isn't this the same premise behind The Ring?

0tralala said...

Yeah, more or less. Though the comic strip was about four pages long, and didn't involve Evil Video.

Anonymous said...

It's also the premise for Fry & Laurie's 'The Red Hat of Patferick' sketch.

How's your Muppet watch going? D & I have just reached the end of the first series. The last episode was a bit dull - some terrible mime troupe were guests - but I don't think it was the last one to be recorded - my guess is that was the Ethel Merman one, which is fabulous, funny, and feels like a precursor to what the show became in Season 2.

0tralala said...

We've only got to the end of disc 1 so far, due to other things jumping in the way.

I'd understood the DVDs to be in production order, but I think the episodes were produced in a bit of a hotch-potch anyway. We're introduced to Scooter, for example, after he's been in the show for six episodes.

A long post on Muppets to come as and when we get nearer the end.