Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello Neil

...and hello to everyone who's found their way here from Neil's journal. My, but there are a lot of you. I'll just put the kettle on, and see what we got left in the way of jaffa cakes...
"It's also worth pointing out that writers don't have any say in casting. Occasionally we get a vote but it's only a vote."

Neil Gaiman, "Why I won't do homework".

Sometimes we get asked our opinions, and sometimes we can even think of people. Clive Mantle, for example, sprung to mind 'cos I knew it'd please my mum.

ETA: You might like to read my comment on Neil's talk in London last year, or on his Anansi Boys.


Liadnan said...

Is being Gaimanned of similar effect to slashdotting then?

0tralala said...

Well, we've not been crashed and burnt. But it is very noticeable.

More people have popped by in the last three hours than I usually get in a day. Not that that's a huge number either way.

And they're coming from a much broader spread of countries.

You can see the huge numbers for yourself.

MagisterForan said...

Hi Simon,

as one of those here because you were Gaimanned, I'll just return the greeting. :) Sadly I'm missing out the finer parts of London educaion because Kings College School in Wimbledon thought it prudent to choose a female teacher for German. Interesting take and links on the 11+ and schooling, though.

Anyway, if you feel like paying a return visit, do so on LJ (where I also read my Gaiman):

0tralala said...

Cheers WGW. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with Lent.