Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cat test

Since Elephant's days are numbered, here's a test of free imaging wossanme Picasa. Hope it works. Posted by Picasa


Scottie said...

It has Ainley's eyes... Eeeek!

Still, looks like a very sweet cat... and I hate cats, so that's saying something!

I'm assuming this is Shaggy, yes?

Anonymous said...

He looks far more ginger in that picture than in real-life. Did you know he was a latent ginge?

0tralala said...

Yes, this is Shaggy. And yes, he has his ginger moments. And a few white hairs. And is generally a bit of a mess.

He was sick on his bed last night, too. Little sod.

Anonymous said...

"Hope it works."

Not on the LJ feed. Not, I suspect, that you're going to be that bothered.