Saturday, November 05, 2005

Obligatory cat post

A chum complains that, despite nearly 100 posts, this bain't be a proper blog 'cos it doesn't boast cat snaps. Very sincere apologies to you all. To remedy this, here's what I had on my phone. Apologies for the murky quality, but they're what I had on my phone.

28.10.05 - Forgot to shut the office window when I popped out to get milk. Yes, that's his silly tail.21.10.05 - Slut cat allows O. to pay due tribute.27.09.05 - Failed attempt to sign birthday card for M (he's sat on it).10.05.05 - Naw...28.08.04 - The historic, first ever meeting with grass.28.08.04 - Bravely daring to step outside for the first time ever. He sat on this step for about two hours.14.07.04 - Our new arrival, already strutting about like he owns the place.

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