Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The roof of the world

Wikipedia's This morning I went to a meeting, met some nice people, agreed some things about work, and stared dazedly out of the window. We were on the top floor of 1 Canada Square, and the view – as I’d predicted for Time Travellers – is breath-taking.

It’s odd to look down on the Millennium Dome, the anorexic Thames Barrier, and the tiny scrap of runway that is City Airport, with planes bundling down on to with alarming speed and ease. On clear days, they say you can see Cambridge and the Chilterns...

I like my job.


Nick Gold said...

I was interested to read this post. I have a friend who is determined to visit the top floor of 1 Canada Square. She is from Bulgaria, and by tradition her children's achievements are related to the highest building she visits. perhaps you can help by saying which company occupies the top floor, or other floors near the top, and how she might gain access. Any help or information you can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

0tralala said...

Hello. I regret to say I don't know who's there now. It was the Olympics Bid people all those years ago, but they moved out soon after London won the bid. Sorry not to be more help.