Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Does Florida count as the "deep South"?

Just home from a lovely time showing off in Florida, and am now fighting through a deluge of emails before nap-time. Will report on my adventures with real, live spaceships another time.

Meanwhile, be sure to keep up with free thriller Girl Number 9, airing all this week at www.canyousaveher.com. Especially since that riot policeman three minutes into episode two looks a little familiar. Oh yes, see my carrying-a-battering-ram acting.

Mad Norwegian Press have announced I've got a Doctor Who essay in their forthcoming Time, Unincorporated, due out next year.

And my short story in the aforementioned Panda Book of Horror also now has a title - "The Party in Room Four".

SF Crowsnest says nice things about my Robin Hood audiobook, "The Siege", while my former employee Phil is disappointed that the Big Finish history of Bernice Summerfield focuses, er, on Bernice Summerfield and Big Finish. Bless 'im.

Got all sorts of bits of work awaiting my attention now. But first sleep.


Rob Stradling said...

LOL - at least you got a weapon and a cool uniform! Next time you "see" me, I'll be wearing a company pullover and a novelty santa hat!

Mike said...

In one of those strange quirks of America (which is appropriate because Florida is full of strange conflicts -- some wonderful, some not so much), it's my understanding that the further north you are in Florida, the more likely it is to be what we consider "Deep South" in traditions (the aforementioned "some wonderful") and attitudes (the aforementioned "not so much")