Thursday, November 09, 2017

Worthing Wormhole

On Saturday, I'll be a guest at Worthing Wormhole, a sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk event starting at 10 am in the Assembly Hall, Worthing. I'll be talking about the science in Doctor Who and signing books.

Full details - and tickets - from the Worthing Wormhole website.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Essential Doctor Who - Time Travel

From my munificent masters at Doctor Who Magazine comes The Essential Doctor Who - Time Travel, available in shops and for download.

I've written five pieces for it:

How 1967 story The Evil of the Daleks might have been very different, as I pick over the original outline (published here for the first time) and speak to the woman originally cast as Victoria - all taken from my Black Archive book on The Evil of the Daleks.

Actor David Collings discusses how he utterly terrified me as a child as the alien Mawdryn in 1983 story Mawdryn Undead.

Using archive interviews with the great Robert Holmes to explore 1985 story The Two Doctors - in his own words.

I journey to the church in Suffolk that inspired the Weeping Angels, first seen in 2007 story, Blink.

When Doctor Who began it was impossible to alter the past - so what changed?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

FLAME - a TV pilot

Last week, the production company Visionality announced a TV pilot I've been working on which is quite exciting.

"Children's animated sci-fi news! We are delighted to confirm that the voice track to FLAME's pilot was recorded on 19th October at Fitzrovia Post in London. The audio will be complimented with a full 22 minute animatic during the autumn and we will be sharing FLAME with the broadcasting markets in 2018.

Julian, Harry, Rosemary, Jai,
Sophie, Celia and Simon at Fitzrovia Post
Our cast includes Celia Imrie (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Nanny McPhee, Calendar Girls, Phantom Menace, Bridget Jones Diary) and Sophie Thompson (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gosford Park, Harry Potter), joining Harry Myers and new, young talent, Rosie and Jai.

The show represents an amazing opportunity for broadcasters to take their 8 to 12 year old audiences on exciting journeys through all the galaxy - anywhere and anywhen."

More on Flame on the Visionality website.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Return of the Switching

The Switching is a short Doctor Who story I wrote in 2002, the first piece of fiction I was ever paid for. The book it was published in has long been out of print, but the nice people at Big Finish have just made an audio version available, read by Duncan Wisbey off of Dead Ringers.
(Duncan was also in the last series of Graceless and was responsible for the awesome song.)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Doctor Who Magazine #517

Oops. I'd meant to post some things - about books I've been reading and nonsense in my head - but have been Busy. And now another issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out, when I'd only just mentioned the last one.

It's a little alarming that it marks 30 years of the Seventh Doctor, who I still can't help but think of as "new".

Anyway, as well as all the usual hijinks, issue #517 includes my interview with composer Dominic Glynn about the release of his soundtrack for 1989 story Survival - which I adore.

I'm also interviewed about my new book Whoniversal Records (out next week) and new audio play The Outliers (out next month), and there's a nice review of Paper Dolls (out now).

Oh, and tomorrow me and James Goss will be monsters-in-residence at Uxbridge Library from 6.30 pm. There will be shenanigans and maybe even shobogans.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Doctor Who Magazine #516

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine - the first under the whip of new editor Marcus Hearn - features interviews with Jodie Whittaker, Russell T Davies and the horrifically clever monster-makers at Millennium FX.

I've also interviewed Nicholas Briggs about providing the voices for the Mondasian Cybermen in the last two episodes of Doctor Who. He also tells me about Peter Capaldi's emotional last day of recording on the forthcoming Christmas special...