Friday, February 20, 2009

Technological marvels

Here are some things I've been sent in the last few days.

The Dr sends this Gigapan of Obama inaugaration, where you can zoom almost right up his nostrils.

Peter sends this video of people falling off mountains without parachutes which laughs in the face of The Spy Who Loved Me, but I suspect might be in a future Bond film.

Jonny has been blogging every day of this year, but reminds me it's no longer secret.

And, as if science cannot create anything more wondrous, there's a Lego Admiral Ackbar and a Boba Fett hoodie! (I saw the latter for real last weekend, as modelled by my new pal Ha-vee-air Gree-joe Marks-watch.)


Rob Stradling said...

But... but... that's not a LEGO Admiral Ackbar; it's a LEGO minifig with Admiral Ackbar's head on it. Where's the fun?

Fett hoodie is top, though. Yes, I know you know it's a top, I meant oh what's the use?

"mantli" - aquatic swamp mammal with a taste for carriage clocks and ornate candlesticks.

Le Mc said...

Someone sent me Boba Fett socks!

0tralala said...

Bah. I thought the Lego was real.

Jonny Morris said...

Thank you for the link. I shall expect immediate inundation.