Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three forthcoming conventions

I shall be escaping my writing hutch next month to do some showing off. Why not come along and say hello?

Saturday 16 March: Blue Box 2, Tunbridge Wells
Starring Leela, Mike Yates, Dorium, K-9 and the insides of the Daleks. I'll be there with Brother Tom to show and discuss my short films Revealing Diary and The Plotters.

Saturday 23 March: Big Finish Day 3, Barking
Starring the Fourth Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, Professor Litefoot and K-9. I'll be there in the afternoon.

Sunday 7 April: Phonicon, Exeter
Starring Lord Edward Dark and the insides of the Daleks. Again, I'll be showing and talking about my short films.

Also, clever Ed Stradling filmed highlights of the Gallifrey One convention in LA this weekend, which have only made me all the more miserable not to be there.

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